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Under stairs unit


We are always concerned about the left out spaces below stair cases, lofts, kitchen and bedroom areas. The main idea is to utilise each inch and making the wasted space into the perfect place to store the stuff.

Our client Neena fell in love with her new house but she was not happy with the left out space below the staircase in hallway and the loft room. She has 3 kids and her house is full of random stuff all the time. Her living room and hallway was always piled up with toys, shoes and random stuff which had no dedicated space for storing. Neena did some research and got some quotes for the fitted wardrobes but she wasn’t sure about the work they may have done. She wanted to have a company who can provide her with ideas, design and material of her choice. Her husband’s friend told her about Ideas Kitchen & Bedrooms and she contacted us with lots of doubts to fix the space. She wanted something which will define the style and create ample amount of storage. Before giving her the quote, the challenge we faced was to create something which will match her home interiors and utilising the most of the space.

Our Designer made a visit to her for FREE CONSULTATION. Neena was very specific about the smart internal storage options and we found many areas beyond her imaginations which can be used as excellent storage for commodities. We crafted few designs on paper and gave her the ideas about the different finishes and accessories which she can use from our extensive range which will all come in her budget. She liked one design for her hallway, loftroom and kitchen entrance and she wanted to have the same style to create uniformity in her home décor- we respect her thought and provided a bespoke solution, so we decided to just have deep shelving installed in all of the wardrobes, in order to provide flexibility for storing.

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